Spring 2018

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SPRING 2018 UWAS Course Offerings

Following UWAS Course Categories help students to get a general idea of how the course approaches art, design, and creative practices.

Artistic Skills
This category includes courses that investigate the practices of art and design. These courses introduce students to various uses of artistic media and their transdisciplinary application in studies as well as in professional life.

Artistic Thinking
This category includes courses that investigate and art and design as modes of knowledge. These courses offer students a transdisciplinary approach to their studies as well as their profession through artistic and design thinking.

Themes and Currents
This category includes courses that investigate specific themes through art and design. These courses offer students the possibility to examine how art and design relate to topical issues and trandisciplinary questions.

UWAS-C0012 Luova kirjoittaminen ja sarjakuva, 3 ECTS (Period V)
Matti Hagelberg, Riikka Ala-Harja - Artistic Skills

Opiskelijat saavat perustiedot ja taidot luovaan kirjoittamiseen ja kerrontaan. He oppivat ilmaisemaan itseään kirjallisesti ja ymmärtämään tekstin muokkaamisen tärkeyden. Kurssilla opiskellaan myös sarjakuvakerronnan menetelmiä ja niiden käyttöä. Opiskelijoita rohkaistaan kirjoittamaan, vaikka kokemusta fiktion kirjoittamisesta ei vielä olisi.

UWAS-C0013 Introduction to Sound Culture. Audio Across Disciplines, 3 ECTS (Period III)
Antti Ikonen, Derek Holzer - Artistic Skills

The aim of the course is to enhance awareness of sounds and to provide tools for analyzing them as well as to encourage the students to be more demanding in their work when dealing with sound design. Students learn the basics of audio recording, audio editing and MIDI standard both in theory and practice.

UWAS-C0014 Spatial Structures, 5 ECTS (Periods IV - V)
Taneli Luotoniemi - Artistic Skills

During the course students learn how to represent structures and spaces in interesting and effective means. They will also learn to recognize and contextualize various geometric and topological phenomena, talk about them using appropriate vocabulary, solve spatial problems arising from their own practice, and know where to find further information about them.

UWAS-C0015 Visualized Me: Creative Ways of Thinking and Using Visual Tools, 5 ECTS (Period III)
Laura Isoniemi - Artistic Skills

This course offers students creative and experiential ways to find their inner invisible potential and make it visible through different practices of art and design. During the course, students are given art and design based tasks and exercises that benefit various artistic, creative ways of working and thinking.

UWAS-C0016 Handmade: Creative Design with Raw Materials, 5 ECTS (Period V)
Milla Vaahtera - Artistic Skills

The focus of the course is to make and design by hand, explore creativity and get hands on with the origins of materials. Students will use Design by Making method with various materials, including wood, wool, leather, and glass. The goal is to challenge the ways we use materials and to experiment with design processes.

UWAS-C0018 Mixing fields – Introduction to Multidisciplinary Art Practices, 5 ECTS (Period IV - V)
Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka - Artistic Thinking

This course examines how and why to participate in multidisciplinary art projects. During this course students learn about the possibilities and challenges of multidisciplinary art-making and how to independently find contacts (internal and external to Aalto) to realize their creative projects.

UWAS-C0019 Consumer Culture and Aesthetics, 5 ECTS (Period IV)
Anastasia Seregina - Artistic Thinking

The course introduces the idea of consumer culture, and engages students in understanding consumption and their role as consumers and producers within this cultural context. The course will further focus on aesthetics as part of consumer culture and its relationship to consumption and production.

UWAS-C0020 Art & Social Impact. Creating Multidisciplinary Exhibitions, 3 ECTS (Period V)
Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri - Artistic Thinking

This course focuses on learning to create social impact. It includes case studies, visiting lecturers and hands-on work. Each participant will plan and execute a socially impactful project during the course. These projects will be executed in multidisciplinary groups where student from different disciplines can share their knowledge and expertise.

UWAS-C0021 Organizing, Work and Economy Through Film, 5 ECTS (Periods III - IV)
Inês Peixoto, Tiina Taipale, Eeva Houtbeckers - Artistic Thinking

This course will utilize documentary and full-length films to illustrate and demonstrate historical developments and trends in organizing work, economies and the society. The course enables students to discuss ideologies and practices of organizing work, engaging them with critical dialogue with films, other learning materials, and with each other and invited experts.

UWAS-C0022 Media Intervention in the City, 5 ECTS (Period IV)
Andy Best - Artistic Thinking

During this course, students create media interventions in the Kamppi Shopping Centre and its immediate surroundings in the center of Helsinki. Students are introduced to the works of various international artists active in the cityscape, whose strategies and methods are used to develop students’ own strategies in relation to the location.

UWAS-C0023 UWAS Discussion Series, 1-3 ECTS  (Periods III - V)
Kevin Tavin - Themes and currents

The aim of the course is to introduce various concepts and contexts of transdisciplinary artistic and academic practices in Aalto University and beyond. The students will meet faculty from multiple disciplines, representing different schools in Aalto, and have the opportunity to build connections between fields.

UWAS-C0009 Artist in Residence Workshop, 3-5 ECTS (Periods IV - V)
TBA - Themes and currents
This course is organized and taught by a visiting artist in Aalto’s Artist in Residence program.

UWAS-C0010 UWAS Currents, 1-5 ECTS (TBA)
Harri Laakso, Juuso Tervo - Themes and currents

“UWAS Currents” courses are thematic courses that examine current topics through art, design, and creative practices. Students learn to apply art or design based thinking and practices in topical social, cultural, and societal issues.

UWAS-C0011 UWAS Project, 1-5 ECTS (TBA)
Harri Laakso, Juuso Tervo - Themes and currents

“UWAS Project” courses offer students the opportunity to get involved in transdisciplinary art or design based projects. The students learn about the practicalities of transdisciplinary collaboration as well as art and design based methods in project work.