Spring 2017

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SPRING 2017 Course Offerings

Art and Social Impact: Creating Multidisciplinary Exhibitions (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Katriina Haikala

The participants will learn methods of creating social impact with art, and how to plan and execute an socially impactful project. Art & social impact is a course for students who are interested in learning about and creating social impact. 

Scenography, Production and Costume Design Lectures(V) (1-4 cr) 
Responsible teacher: Sofia Pantouvaki; Ikonen Liisa; Mäkinen Kaisa Susanna

The Scenography, Production and Costume Design Lectures address the theory and practice of design for the performing and screen arts and related areas. The students deepen their knowledge in special areas through encounters with different aspects of design for live and screen/media performance, and with the work and ideas of various professionals.

Introduction to Visual Culture and Creative Ways of Seeing the World (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Kevin Tavin

The course is open to all Aalto University bachelor students to explore artistic, scientific, technical, business and every-day practices of seeing and being seen. Students interpret and discuss images and visual thinking strategies in diverse ways, for different disciplines, and share different ways of seeing the world.

Digital Sculpture: 3D Modelling & Animation as a Creative Visualisation Tool (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Andrew Best-Dunkley

The student will learn the basics of using the open source 3D graphics software Blender, and utilize these skills to develop a personal animation or visualization project, focusing on their own personal interests and/or major studies.

Introduction to Sound Culture: Audio Across Disciplines (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Antti Ikonen

The student learns to observe the sonic dimension of both actual and virtual environments and draw conclusions according to what s/he hears. The student learns the basics of audio recording, audio editing and MIDI standard both in theory and practice

Social/Physical Landscape Photography (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Harri Laakso

The student learns about the role of photography practices in constructing and in depicting the social and physical “landscapes” that we inhabit. The student learns the basics of this media environment in theory and in practice. Students are expected to have basic skills in photography, which they will be able to develop.

What to design? (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Heidi Paavilainen

In the course students get an idea about the inspiring but wicked complexity of decision making particular to design work. After completing the course, the student is able to comprehend and discuss about the kinds of viewpoints, questions and challenges that are involved when consolidating man and the designed environment

How to design? (5 cr)

Responsible teacher: Teppo Vienamo

Student completes, as an individual design project, a “commission like” design assignment, which can also be a real commission. Based on analysis the student ideates design solutions, which take into account functionality, usability and producibility and aesthetic requirements.

Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture (5-15 cr) 
Responsible teacher: Kirsi Peltonen

Students will learn to find connections between mathematics and art and architecture. Real mathematics will be revealed through patterns, symmetries, structures, shapes and beauty in such a way that will enable the student to view our environment from a new perspective.