Fall 2018


Fall 2018 UWAS Course Offerings

In academic year 2018-19, UWAS courses are organized under seven thematic categories that link the course contents to larger, transdisciplinary questions. These categories are: Global and Local Issues; Sites and Environments; Crises and Turning Points; Senses; Materials; Narratives; and Technologies. In addition, UWAS Varied Contents courses are project-based courses on topical, changing issues. UWAS is also participating in piloting MathArts minor together with the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis.

UWAS-C0002 On Site - Island Workshop, 3 ECTS (Period I)
Harri Laakso, Antti Turkko - Sites and Environments
This course takes place on Örö Island in the Turku archipelago, which provides a fruitful atmosphere for transdisciplinary work through artistic methods, such as perception, multisensorial practices, metaphorical thinking and questions of representation. The idea of the course is to encourage the students to pay attention to things that are easily left unnoticed in daily life and studies.

UWAS-C0019 Consumer Culture and Aesthetics, 5 ECTS (Period I)
Anastasia Seregina - Global and Local Issues
The course introduces the idea of consumer culture and engages students in understanding consumption and their role as consumers and producers within this cultural context. The course will further focus on aesthetics as part of consumer culture and its relationship to consumption and production.

UWAS-C0035 Electric Energy in the Arts, 3 ECTS (Period I)
Gregoire Rousseau - Technologies
This course introduces electricity as medium in the arts by offering examples of artworks and art practices, discussions on significant texts and screenings combined with lectures on electricity as material for artistic work.

UWAS-C0039 Diving into Fashion Technologies, 3 ECTS (Period I)
Pirjo Kääriäinen, Liisa Pesonen - Technologies
The course offers an introduction to the integration of fashion, clothing and new technologies. Students familiarize with topics like 3D printing and advanced construction of garments, eTextiles and wearable electronics, and new materials. During the course students work hands-on in teams, and the outcome is a 'curiosity cabinet' for the future, a collection of material samples they can use as inspiration in their further studies.

MS-C1001 Shapes in Action, 5 ECTS (Period I)
Kirsi Peltonen - MathArts
Students will learn to recognize and analyze symmetric patterns and structures observed in our environment and in their own professional practices. Topics discussed include planar, spherical and hyperbolic 2D symmetries, Kleinian groups, conformal dynamics, 3D geometries, manifolds, orbifolds and fractals.

UWAS-C0003 Creating Stories and Narratives, 5 ECTS (Periods I-II)
Johan Eichhorn - Narratives
The aim of this course is to offer a broad introduction to stories in different fields as well as to help students create their own stories in different forms, including short movies, video art, prose, comics, and photography. At the end of the course, students’ stories will be displayed in an exhibition.

UWAS-C0011 UWAS Project: Art, Beer and Sausage, 3 ECTS (Periods I-II)
Harri Laakso, Taina Rajanti, Max Ryynänen - UWAS Varied Contents
The course studies the cultural roles of beer and sausages through lectures, visits, discussions and hands-on doing. What function has beer had in the birth of human brains and culture? How has brewing helped to evolve our understanding of chemistry and biology? What are the cultural meanings of beer and the rituals of consumption, or their gendered significances? During this course students will make beer and sausages and study the relation of art, culture, alcohol and food. Vegan and vegetarian options are taken into account.

UWAS-C0031 The Human Sensorium, 5 ETCS (Periods I-II)
Scott Andrew Elliot - Senses
This course will explore the limits of the human sensorium through lectures, discussions, readings, written assignments and practical experiments that lead to the creation of original projects. Introductory lectures will discuss the scientific, philosophical and artistic history of understanding the senses, approaching the topic from differing points of view.

UWAS-C0033 Producing and Analyzing Visual Data, 5 ECTS (Periods I-II)
Jaana Brinck, Marjo Virnes - Sites and Environments
This course explores questions of belonging, sites and environments in the light of mundane experiences. Students produce visual documentation by drawing, photographing and videotaping. The documentation is discussed and analysed collaboratively in workshops. The course introduces grounded theory method and analysis software for data-driven analysis of visual data.

UWAS-C0036 Game Design and Production, 6 ECTS (Periods I-II)
Jaakko Kemppainen - Technologies
Students gain a basic understanding of the principles and processes of game design and production. The course consists of lectures and project work: Lectures focus more on principles of game design, while a small game project guides the students through the development process of a game.

UWAS-C0037 Microscopic View: Experimental Light Images, 5 ECTS (Periods I-II)
Leah Beeferman - Technologies
This course investigates the microscope and related light/lens technologies as tools for artistic image-making. It operates in a space between art and science by using “scientific” tools to make “artistic” images. Students will discuss what roles images play inside and outside of these disciplinary contexts and learn how complex it is to produce and read images, regardless of whether they are made as art, science, design, or something else entirely.

UWAS-C0038 Expanding Visualization, 5 ECTS (Periods I-II)
Timothy Smith - Technologies
This course uses the computer as the mediating tool for engaging in production, post-production, appropriation, re-mixing, and distributing creative works of digital images. Students will learn the skills and techniques to input, create, and manipulate images in Photoshop and engage in readings, writing and discussions about how we are already thoroughly immersed and inundated with such practices of digital visualization.

UWAS-C0008 Design Learning, 3 ECTS (Period II)
Jaana Brinck, Mari Savio - Global and Local Issues
This course introduces students to Design Learning by familiarizing them with design processes, concepts and learning objectives as well as understanding design as a learning and teaching tool. Students learn how to analyze their skills and learning in a constructive way and develop methods of sharing the learned skills.

UWAS-C0009 Artist in Residence Workshop: CRINGE: Awkwardness as a site of knowledge production, 3-5 ECTS (Period II)
Pilvi Takala - UWAS Varied Contents
Students gain an understanding of the productive qualities of awkwardness, learn about various contemporary artists and filmmakers who have consciously employed this tactic in their practice, explore how awkwardness can also be used in a multidisciplinary context, and will begin to think about the possibilities of awkwardness within their own working processes. Most importantly students will learn to embrace awkwardness rather than run from it.