Fall 2017

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Fall 2017 UWAS Course Offerings

Following UWAS Course Categories help students to get a general idea of how the course approaches art, design, and creative practices.

Artistic Skills
This category includes courses that investigate the practices of art and design. These courses introduce students to various uses of artistic media and their transdisciplinary application in studies as well as in professional life.

Artistic Thinking
This category includes courses that investigate and art and design as modes of knowledge. These courses offer students a transdisciplinary approach to their studies as well as their profession through artistic and design thinking.

Themes and Currents
This category includes courses that investigate specific themes through art and design. These courses offer students the possibility to examine how art and design relate to topical issues and trandisciplinary questions.

UWAS-C0001 UWAS Introductory Workshop, 2 ECTS (Period I)
Harri Laakso, Juuso Tervo - Themes and currents

This introductory course offers students an opportunity to try out different approaches to art, design, and creative practices in a supportive and accessible atmosphere. Students take part in three arts-based transdisciplinary workshops and create and a transdisciplinary group project.

UWAS-C0002 On Site - Island Workshop, 3 ECTS (Period I)
Pia Euro - Artistic Skills

This course takes place on Örö Island in the Turku archipelago, which provides a fruitful atmosphere for transdisciplinary work through artistic methods, such as perception, multisensorial practices, metaphorical thinking and questions of representation. The idea of the course is to encourage the students to pay attention to things that are easily left unnoticed in daily life and studies.

UWAS-C0003 Creating Stories and Narratives, 5 ECTS (Period I-II)
Johan Eichhorn - Artistic Skills

The aim of this course is to offer a broad introduction to stories in different fields as well as to help students create their own stories in different forms, including short movies, video art, prose, comics, and photography. At the end of the course, students’ stories will be displayed in an exhibition.

UWAS-C0004 Miten idea materialisoituu? 5 ECTS (Period I-II)
Inka Nieminen - Artistic Skills

Kurssilla perehdytään oppilaan omien ideoiden prosessoimiseen ja esittämiseen kuvanveiston menetelmillä. Kurssi tarjoaa opiskelijalle mahdollisuuden kehittää omaa luovaa ajattelua ja oppia toteuttamaan ideansa konkreettisena teoksena. Päätavoitteena on taiteen monialaisuuden löytäminen ja ympäristön havainnoinnin kehittäminen.

UWAS-C0005 Place Matters: Transforming Otaniemi Campus Through Site Specific and Collaborative Practices, 3 ECTS (Period I-II)
Anna Kholina - Artistic Thinking

This course offers knowledge and skills to creatively rethink and re-appropriate Otaniemi campus by conceptualizing and piloting new public spaces and social practices. The course will serve as a catalyst to encourage students to take a more active role in shaping the spaces they inhabit.

UWAS-C0006 Method Madness: Breaking boundaries through creative team work, 3 ECTS (Period I)
Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri - Artistic Thinking

This course encourages students to work together with people from different professional areas and disciplines in a creative way. The so-called ‘the uncomfortable zone’ is seen as a crucial part of learning. During the course, students learn to break the invisible boundaries in human interaction, go beyond normative thinking and forget self-critical attitude.

UWAS-C0007 Space Station. Spatial and Performative Scenarios of the Everyday, 5 ECTS (Period I)
Maiju Loukola - Artistic Thinking

This course increases students’ understanding of how to use the knowledge and practices of performing and spatial arts in other fields and disciplines as well as how artists use theatre and theatrical practices for inquiries of societal phenomena through performative strategies. Students learn to employ concepts, strategies and practices from contemporary theatre/performing arts and dramaturgy beyond the arts.

UWAS-C0008 Design Learning, 3 ECTS (Period II)
Mira Kallio-Tavin - Artistic Thinking

This course introduces students to Design Learning by familiarizing them with design processes, concepts and learning objectives as well as understanding design as a learning and teaching tool. Students learn how to analyze their skills and learning in a constructive way and develop methods of sharing the learned skills.

UWAS-C0009 Artist in Residence Workshop, 3 ECTS (Period I-II)
Kabir Carter - Themes and currents

Students will acquire knowledge concerning specific historical arcs of underground and experimental work and activities as tools in waiting that can be used to examine, disrupt, dismantle, and reanimate Aalto University’s current restructuring as an all-purpose, multifunctional educational institution-cum-startup city.

UWAS-C0010 UWAS Currents: How to Build Better Environments, 1 ECTS (Period II)
Outi Turpeinen - Themes and currents

This course introduces students to art in built environment by bringing together areas such as building industry management, public art, city planning, architecture, business environments, brand and managing. During the course, students participate in a one-day symposium on public art and built environments at Dipoli.

UWAS-C0011 UWAS Project: Nature of Interpretation: Observations, Measurements, and Descriptions for Art and Science, 3 ECTS (Period I-II)
Leah Beeferman - Themes and currents

Students will develop an expansive framework through which to think about the relationships between art and science. They will also consider what this expansive thinking can allow — both for artistic practices and scientific research, and in terms of a broader societal engagement with both.