Fall 2016

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Fall 2016 Course Offerings

Introduction to Visual Culture and Creative Ways of Seeing the World (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Kevin Tavin

The course is open to all Aalto University bachelor students to explore artistic, scientific, technical, business and every-day practices of seeing and being seen. Students interpret and discuss images and visual thinking strategies in diverse ways, for different disciplines, and share different ways of seeing the world.

Introduction to Art, Science, and Tech- nology Collaborations: Mixing Research, Data, Methods, and Artistic Concepts (3-5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Andrew Best- Dunkley

Participants are introduced to a selection of international art and science collaborations, and gain an understanding of the benefits of interdisciplinary working.

Visualize Me: Creative Ways of Thinking and Using Visual Tools (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Laura Isoniemi

Course Canceled.

Method Madness:
Experimentation, Breaking Boundaries, and Disruptive Art through Creative Team Work (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Katriina Haikala

The participants will learn practical group working methods, and tools for creative thinking which are needed in every profes- sion nowadays. Method madness course will increase the ability to take risks and come out of comfort zone. 

Design Theory and Methodology (3-5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Oscar Person

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to discuss the historical and contemporary meaning of design (and designing) in relation to estab- lished concepts and ideas as presented in literature on design. 

Scenography, Production and Costume Design Lectures(V) (1-4 cr) 
Responsible teacher: Sofia Pantouvaki; Ikonen Liisa; Mäkinen Kaisa Susanna

The Scenography, Production and Costume Design Lectures address the theory and practice of design for the performing and screen arts and related areas. The students deepen their knowledge in special areas through encounters with different aspects of design for live and screen/media per- formance, and with the work and ideas of various professionals. 

Unavoidable Darkness - Interventions in Urban Space (5 cr)
Responsible teacher: Pia Euro; Taina Rajanti

Students become familiar with few basic artistic methods with which one can study urban space, its elements and usage, from an alternative angle, and learn to apply and experiment with them through practical assignments.